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About Us

Doxaba’s blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions are revolutionizing industries. Companies work with Doxaba to achieve their business requirements by tackling Cryptocurrency Development, Token Creation, NFT Marketplace Development, DEFI Projects, and more.

We have modernized financial infrastructure and allow our customers to build the next generation of financial applications . Our team, including our strategic partnerships, provide you with a one stop shop for all functions you need - payments, settlement, custody, liquidity, issuance, indemnity and compliance.


CryptoCurrency and Token Development

Our blockchain expertise helps to match specific business requirements with appropriate consensus algorithms to develop innovative cryptocurrency and altcoin solutions, and utility and security tokens.

Custom NFT Marketplace Development

We offer custom design and development services for NFT marketplaces where digital assets of users are minted to NFTs and sold or auctioned.

Banking Integration

Our integrated credit card processing, tokenization and wallet solution allows you to innovate without limits. Our team has experience in all areas of the financial industry.

Why choose us?

One Place for Everything

We provide all of the functions you need - payments, settlement, custody, liquidity, issuance, indemnity and compliance - in one place. No more juggling 100s of vendors.

PoC to Production

We have experience in handling end to end product development from the early Proof of Concept (POC) stage all the way to launch.

Global Team

Our global team brings in their rich experience of building blockchain products for top NFT marketplaces, Fortune 500 companies and startups.

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Leadership Team

Hitesh Rawal

Co-Founder & CIO

Mike Fox


Hudsen Smith

V.P Marketing